Book Review: Right Where I Belong

Title : Right Where I Belong

Author: Heidi Kaether

Publisher’s Synopsis: A poignant book about Savannah Rose and the lessons God taught me through her life and death. It includes my newest cd, recorded with my sister, Cheri entitled “Through God’s Eyes – Songs of Comfort and Praise for the Valley”. The book is written in a scrapbook format and includes lots of special touches like rhinestone stickers and mini-books, making this a book you’ll enjoy with your sense of sight, your sense of hearing and your sense of touch.

When Heidi asked me to review this book, I immediately said I’d be happy to do it.   I’ve watched Heidi deal with the grief in the loss of her baby girl in such a beautiful way that it encouraged me in so many areas of my life.  As a dear friend, I hoped to be able to share her encouragement with others.

However, I have to admit, I was a little concerned with how to review a book like this.  How do you write a glowing review of a book about something so painful?  What if the book wasn’t something I could honestly recommend?  How would that work?  It’s not like I can say anything negative about how someone grieves!   Fortunately, Heidi’s book is a lovely glimpse into the beauty, the anguish, the faith of one family who went through the loss of their precious baby at birth.  I think this book is exactly the kind of encouraging book that would be a perfect gift for those who are suffering through their own pain.

You can see the love that Heidi put into each page of the book.  Full color pictures, arranged in scrapbook style, show you the journey from pregnant, through loss, and finally out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death.   Included in the full-color book is a CD of ten original songs by Heidi Kaether and Cheri Fulton.  For a sample of the music, you can visit

In a world where death is so often combined with hopelessness and despair, Right Where I Belong is a refreshing glimpse into the life of those who know Who loves and cares for us most and the true Source of comfort in times that otherwise would tear our hearts to shreds.


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