Giving Thanks~

This month’s banner isn’t one of my favorites.  I’ll probably try again later this month.  Every month can’t be as easy as last month’s was for me.  And, yes, I’m sick of the word “month”.  So far, every sentence I’ve written has had the word “month” in it.


However, the fault of the ho-hum banner is not this marvelous kit from Penny Springman of Sweet Shoppe Designs.  I was so amazed at the incredible papers, the elements, and the alphabets in both dark AND light!  It also has lower and upper case letters in BOTH dark and light.  Talk about impressive!


Can’t you just see your Thanksgiving pictures on the page with these lovely mottos, that gorgeous butterfly, and oh man, the barrel.  I know my “take two” will use that barrel.  It’s amazing.


Now, one thing I discovered is that it is hard to find fall/Thanksgiving themed kits that aren’t “cutesy”.  I wanted a turkey, some Indian corn, lovely pumpkins, baskets, maybe a realistic looking cornucopia… that kind of thing.  Nope.  I didn’t find most of it– but this kit had the closest to what I wanted of all and I am so thrilled to have it.


Now, for take two…  I have to do that.  This kit deserves a better showing.  I told you, these tiny banners are HARDER than a full-sized page.  I promise!


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