Winner- The Sound of Sleighbells

I did the thing and this popped up…

So, off I went to the site to find out who might have won this delightful story (and I just typed out ‘one’ it so I’m guessing that I am sleep-deprived or going senile… or both.  Just thought I’d throw in another freebie for good measure.)

There was quite a bit of anticipation… scroll down to number nine… who might it be… who signed up for it.. let’s see…



Yippee!  Kirstin.  Then, because Kirstin isn’t the kind of name like Chautona where you know that you’re the only one… I had to click on the name to see which one…

So, I snuck over to my dashboard, checked out the name, and what do you know… it’s my friend Kirstin from Kansas!  Yippeedoodle!  So, Kirstin, I’ll be shipping your book sometime this week.  (Gotta make room for more books don’tcha know.

If you didn’t win this time, I do recommend dashing over to Random House’s website and snagging yourself a copy.


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