Winner- If God is Good!

Now, I’ll tell ya… this book has been a bit of a thorn in my side.  And, I must ask, if God is good, why must he keep putting thorns in His people’s sides?  I mean, I know I’m in good company.  There’s Paul with the original thorn, there’s David with his loss, Timothy with his stomach complaints, Job and the loss of all his children, Jeptha and the consequences for stupid vows… let’s face it, side-thorns are way overrated.  I’m not into the whole martyr thing, ok?

So, this book comes along, and I have several entrants that I really want to have the book.  And… of course… I don’t get to decide because I use Mr. Random to do it.  I like to be “fair” when possible.  You guys aren’t my kids, so I don’t feel the need to remind them that life isn’t fair so I don’t have to try to be the great equalizer either.  On the blog, however, I do try.  I mean, I don’t have 20 copies of everything to give anyone who happens to read and comment.

So, this time, I did a lot of praying.  They weren’t eloquent petitions of lofty ideals.  Nope.  They ran more to the simple, “Lord, control that generator and let the number fall where You want it.  Yeah.  I asked for Cosmic interference.  Again, don’t sue me, but you can pretend if you like.  So, off I went and MR. Random said…

So, I went to see who won.  Would it be Michele who appreciated the balance offered in the book?  Barbara who wanted to see his comments on Open Theism, or maybe Sarah who has a great respect for Mr. Alcorn…

Alas… God, in His benevolent wisdom, chose …

HEIDI!  A woman who has walked through grief that I can’t even begin to comprehend… and just months ago.  I’ll be reviewing her book this week so you’ll see just how timely this “random” win truly is.  I was sure that Barb would win.  After all, she’s been pounding Heaven and earth (that’d be me btw) with petitions for it.  I know she’s righteous, so I guess James chapter 5 tells us she’s not very effectual.  (How’s that for twisting scripture into illogical conclusions???)

Sorry Barb… better luck Providence next time.  Congrats Heidi.  I’ll ship it soon!  Meanwhile, everyone else… dash on over to Random House and snag your very own copy.  It’s worth every penny.


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