Winner- Extraordinary!!!

So, it was time for this little beauty.  There were only four commenters on it, so each one had a much stronger chance of winning of course.  I tried to guess which integer would have chosen, but I was way off.  I chose 1.  It chose…

So……. off I go again… (Cause I’m alwayson the go don’tcha know… hey, that rhymes better than it used to!– quick, name that movie that I just misquoted!)

Voila!  Kathy.  Again, I know a few,  off I went  (I’m really put off by this, aren’t I?   hee hee) to find out which Kathy will be receiving this great book…

And I don’t think I know her.  I don’t recognize this email addy.  So, unless someone has gotten a new one for web use, this is a newbie to me!  If so, welcome to Paradoxology, Kathy!

And, remember… this is the book you’ll be winning…  If you didn’t win, you can always hop on over to Random House and buy yourself a copy.

But wait!  There’s more!  Those who entered this little giveaway can take a deep breath… hold it…. hold it…

Hold it some more….

In addition to the fabulous copy I’ve already given away, I am giving away….

ANOTHER COPY!  Yes that’s right.  Not only will a lucky blog reader win one of these lovely hardcover books, TWO will win.  Yes, thanks to the generosity of Waterbrook’s Blogging for books crew (and my tiny house with no room on the shelf for very many more books), you have a second chance at this book!  Those who say there are no second chances are wrong!  There is no free lunch on this blog (you wouldn’t want it by the time it arrived anyway), but there ARE free books.  Loads and loads of lovely free books all due to the overwhelming generosity of Waterbrook.  (Yes, that is a shameless plug.  It’s my blog, I can.)

So, I hopped over to the random integer people again…  and who did they choose this time????

Yep… number three.  Again, I didn’t pick the right number.  (I thought I’d hedge my bets with sticking to number one.  I’m no gambler apparently.)

Off I went to see who number three is…  I’m just going to tell you btw.  I got tired of copying and pasting.  Sue me.

No don’t.  I just had to shell out 3k for my permanent dentures.  I’m broke.

Number 3 is Bethany.  I suspect I know which one.  I’m off to see…

Yippee!  It is so!  Bethany (you son of a Germanic arch angel you), you won!  I’ll zip it your way asap.

There you have the winners folks.  I do send every book I promise to… I may take a week or three, but I always send em.  You too could win one of these marvelous free books from… (say it with me) WATER BROOK if you just comment on Paradoxology Book Reviews!

How’s that for my commercial?  I liked the “wait, there’s more” myself.  Gave it an air of authenticity, don’tcha think?

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