*~*~*~ CONTEST ~*~*~*

Well, it’s time to promote Argosy Junction.  My next book will be out in a few weeks, so I need to give Argosy Junction its full due.  I am excited about this contest!!!  I decided that this time, I need to reward those who have read my book so this is for you!

Here is how it works.

1.  Read the book.  (If you have to buy one to read it and participate, you are welcome to do that.)

2.  Blog about it.  Give it an honest review.  I won’t be offended if you hated it.  You’ll still be entered.  Please don’t abuse this by writing a scathing review about the book that you’ve never read in order to get back at me for not picking you to win another contest.  It wasn’t personal.  I don’t discriminate in who wins or loses so don’t ruin this for anyone.

3.  Email a link to your blog to chautona @ chautona . com  (remove the spaces– trust me)

4.  When you blog about it, tell your readers to comment


The prizes ARE  (note plural???)

1.  A $25.00 gift certificate to Amazon for the bloggER


2.  A free copy of Argosy Junction for one of the winning blogger’s commenters.

I will choose the winner by:

1.  Putting an entry into the “pot” for every comment you get.  So, obviously, you really want to get those commenters commenting.

2.  Drawing from the pot (I’ll take pictures) and the name and comment that is chosen wins!  So if Sallysue comments on Janeylee’s blog and I pull her comment, they both win!

Contest ends October 31, 2009 at 9 p.m. PST.  I promise no tricks, only treats for the winners!

ATTENTION:  You can earn a bonus entry if you go to Amazon and review the book there as well!


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