Book Review: If God is Good *Win FREE Book*

Title:  If God is Good: Faith in the midst of suffering and evil

Author: Randy Alcorn

Publisher’s Synopsis: Every one of us will experience suffering. Many of us are experiencing it now. As we have seen in recent years, evil is real in our world, present and close to each one of us.

In such difficult times, suffering and evil beg questions about God–Why would an all-good and all-powerful God create a world full of evil and suffering? And then, how can there be a God if suffering and evil exist?

These are ancient questions, but also modern ones as well. Atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and even former believers like Bart Ehrman answer the question simply: The existence of suffering and evil proves there is no God.

In this captivating new book, best-selling author Randy Alcorn challenges the logic of disbelief, and brings a fresh, realistic, and thoroughly biblical insight to the issues these important questions raise.

Alcorn offers insights from his conversations with men and women whose lives have been torn apart by suffering, and yet whose faith in God burns brighter than ever. He reveals the big picture of who God is and what God is doing in the world–now and forever. And he equips you to share your faith more clearly and genuinely in this world of pain and fear.

As he did in his best-selling book, Heaven, Randy Alcorn delves deep into a profound subject, and through compelling stories, provocative questions and answers, and keen biblical understanding, he brings assurance and hope to all.

First, I must confess I didn’t have time to finish the book.  I finally decided to post a review of what I could than hold off any longer.  So, while I can’t comment on the entire thing, I can say that whatI read was not the fluffy pile of platitudes that I expected.  Most books of this nature either ignore the raw pain of suffering or wallow too deeply in it.  Alcorn seems to balance both sides very well.

While I didn’t agree with every one of his theological points, I did cheer heartily as he attacked Open Theism with grace and skill.  Bravo Mr. Alcorn.  I agree heartily that this should be something we didn’t need to worry about and should be appalled that we do.

His style is unique.  The word I’m looking for escapes me and I’m too lazy to look it up… argh.  Starts with a D.  Anyway, it’s very much like I might see a textbook on the topic.  The point of reading this book is to learn.  If you’re picking it up for warm fuzzies, skip it.  He’s forthright and an excellent teacher but he is also thorough.  While an easy read in the sense that it is written with clear concise language, it handles the topic thoroughly.  I was impressed.

It seems to me that the author did extensive research and interviews to show that what he has found in the Word is applicable to us, today, and in our own unique circumstances.

I have a few minor reservations about the book but they’re so minor, I’m not going to mention them.  It was hard to decide to give it up.  I really thought I’d like to keep it and loan it out to friends who might need the encouragement.  I know I’ve got to finish it before I can bear to part with it.  However, I can’t help feeling like someone needs it.  I feel silly saying that, but it’s true.  So, I’m going to do my part to try to get it into whatever hands might need it before I will.

Mr. Alcorn?  Thank you for tackling a difficult subject, while immersed in the Word, and telling us what we NEED to hear rather than what we think we want to.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: If God is Good *Win FREE Book*

  1. “Most books of this nature either ignore the raw pain of suffering or wallow too deeply in it. Alcorn seems to balance both sides very well.”

    If he found a balance…then he did something most books on grief don’t do. Good job!

  2. This sounds very interesting. I’ve done some research myself and would love to see what someone says who has studied it enough to write a book has to say!

  3. What exactly, must I do to be saved… wait, no… What exactly, must I do to win this book?

    I have suffering around me… I’d be interested to read Mr. Alcorn’s point of view.

    Thanks for the review

  4. I have a lot of respect for Randy Alcorn, who has sacrificed much to be faithful to the Lord.

    This book is on my wish list, and I’d love to get it from you! 🙂

  5. oh, Chautona, I MUST read this book…having recently experianced Open Theism up close and personal, i’d love to hear more about what he has to say about it….it’s a very disturbing theology, in the politest words i can post 😉

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