Declutter Challenge: Day 3- Wednesday

Today it took me a while… I got sidetracked with this little thing called life.  So, it’s nearly Thursday, but I’m finally getting to this.

I tossed:

3- tubs of dry moon sand

1- plastic toy thingie that I have no idea why I have it or what I’ll do with it.

1- CD for something that is no longer an issue

1- Book that I sold

1- Plastic container with cards that are for who knows what.

1- Paperback book in the garbage– I don’t know how it got in my home but it’s gone now.  Blech.

1-  Stack of mostly or fully used spiral notebooks.

1-  Old ATM card that I’ve replaced (and since lost.  Anyone seen it?)

When I go to dump the trash, I’ll take a picture of the one with the moon sand and stuff in it.  Thirty things gone from my life and a cleaner living room shelf to boot!

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