Declutter Challenge: Day 1- Monday

I read this blog today and it encouraged me.  I wondered what I’d get rid of if I decluttered ten items every day for a week.  I am seriously considering going for a full month, but I’m starting with one week.  By Sunday, I should have 70 items out of our house.  Here I go.

Today’s removed items… (I’m even doing pictures!)

  1. Scrapbook bag
  2. Blue pants I’ve never worn
  3. Blue top to match blue pants I’ve never worn… never worn it either
  4. Lavender pants I don’t like and are too big.
  5. White blouse that is worn out and icktified
  6. White blouse that I’ve never worn but like but doesn’t fit
  7. Purple dress I haven’t worn in years
  8. Brand new skirt I bought to cut down to fit and didn’t
  9. Brand new skirt I bought to cut down to fit and didn’t
  10. Skort that I still don’t know where I got or why

6 thoughts on “Declutter Challenge: Day 1- Monday

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  2. ok, one toy wagon (plastic with duplos in it), several of my son’s outgrown shirts, an old towel, a photo frame with scrapbook motif in it, lots of pieces of trash….a shirt my oldest daughter outgrew, that I dont like enough to keep, swimming trunks, more trash. OK Im pooped.

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