A Map Contest~

In my search for an artist to draw a map for my next book, I couldn’t help think of what a fun contest it’d be for those who enjoy that kind of thing (and who can take my scribbles and turn them into something that makes sense to others!)

At first I thought, “But that’s not really fair because I might find a good artist and then entrants would hope to see their map in the book and find the artist I hired’s picture instead!”

But I really love the idea of a contest.  I’m weird that way.

So here’s how it goes.  This is a contest.  I’m promising NOTHING from this contest except the prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate.  I may or may not use the map you draw in my book.  However, if you DO submit an entry, I reserve the right to use it in my book without any further compensation for your work (I will, however, give you credit as the artist of course).  I am considering printing the winning map in the back as kind of a fun, “Look how someone else saw it” even if I do hire another artist to do the official map.  (And if I can, I probably will because I may need further maps for the other books– I don’t know)

Basically, I don’t know a whole lotta nutthin.  Just don’t sue me.  I am not rich and I already gave away my first born and no longer have eyeteeth.

Here is my very rough sketch of the map.  There are LOTS more forest… most of the left side of that page should be more foresty.

For a larger view, click HERE

Now, these are the things that are important to know about Wynnewood.

Wynnewood England  circa 1250 or so.

It is in north eastern England– remote and surrounded by cliffs to the west, the sea to the east and some of the south, and forests to the north and throughout the fief.

Castle Wynnewood sits close enough to the river that from a north westerly direction to the sea at the southeast that they channel water from it, into the moat, and then have another channel running to the sea to keep the moat fresh.  (I’m a girl.  Sue me.)

In the forests that separate Wynnewood Village from the “inner cliffs” (haven’t named them yet),  there is a very small clearing (60t x 90ft or so)

Bertha’s Cottage is almost directly north of that clearing.  (On my drawing, north is actually to the left of the page… only way I could fit it right) and is close to the road from Wynnewood.

A road from the village to the castle runs south west from the village and up the hill that the castle sits on.  There is a large oak tree there.

In the center of Wynnewood village is a large tree where the boys learn their Bible lessons from Brother Clarke.

The buildings in the village mentioned in the story are:

The fletcher’s cottage

The Mill

The Smithy

The Tavern

The chapel

There is a culvert that separates the green grasses along the point from the forest and a small “green” between the culvert and the forest.

There are cliffs at the south west (haven’t named them yet) that have caves in them. Right now, those are the “inland cliffs”

There are cliffs below the point with caves in them too.  The dragon lives in one and the other is what the children think is a pirate’s treasure house.

I don’t THINK the fields need to be shown… they’re hardly mentioned.

There is an underground tunnel that runs from beneath the back of the castle into the forest in front of the Inland caves.  Now idea how to show that other than dotted lines or something.  Sigh.

To the south west of the castle but long before the forest is the Archery range and Head Archer Peter’s cottage.

Contest Details:

Picture must be either postmarked by September 30, 2009 OR emailed to me scanned at 300 dpi.

Picture should be 12×9  (you can draw on 8.5 x 11″ paper if you can either scan at 350 dpi or mail the entry to me.)

Contest Ends September 30 at 11:59:59 p.m.

Winner will be announced on or about October 15, 2009  (earlier if I don’t have so many that I’m pulling out my hair.)

In the event that I cannot decide, I’ll post a poll of my favorites for a majority opinion winner.

Winner will receive an e-gift certificate from Amazon in the mail.  If you do not shop online at any time and for any reason, please let me know with your entry and I’ll try to accomodate you.

There is only one grand prize, however there will be THREE prizes for the following age levels.

4-8 years

9-12 years

13-17 years

The first place in each of the above divisions will win a copy of the book signed to them, by me.

If you have any questions, please post them.  I’ll be happy to clarify.  Entrants may enter as often as they choose.


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