Journal: August 31, 2009

Outside my window… the skies are clear, the wind is blowing smoke away from our valley, and they’re tearing up the road to give us a nice new one!

I am thinking… about injuries to give my character… stitches in the head?  Broken arm?  hit by a car?

From the learning rooms… I have all of Nolan’s assignment sheets done and I’m about to start an English Lit class myself!

I am thankful for… an abundance of things so that I can get rid of lots guilt free!

From the kitchen… I’m thinking about white tie dinner… yeah… that sounds GOOD.

I am wearing … dirty stinky clothes that will go in the laundry as soon as I take my shower!  Then I’ll be wearing cropped jeans and a white blouse

I am reading… You Were Born for This by Bruce Wilkerson.  Look for a book review soon!

I am hoping… that the dentist can help my bone issue on Friday!

I am creating… A carrying bag for my new Sizzix Big Shot!!!

I am praying… for a very productive week and for wisdom in decisions.

Around the house… I’m catching up from last week’s workout debacle.

One of my favorite things… a bedroom that is a haven.

A few plans for the rest of the week… if I do nothing else, I will go and let them torture my gums.

A picture to share… I had Ethan to take a picture of the torn up road.


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