Journal: July 27, 2009

Outside my window… there is a ton of mess from fixing the windows and tearing off the siding.  Must. Clean. Yards.

I am thinking… that it’s going to be nice to be able to sleep without my teeth tomorrow night.

From the learning rooms… Jenna found her grammar book.

I am thankful for… modern dentistry… with the exception of sandpaper stuff that makes the dentures fit better but rubs the inside of your mouth raw.

From the kitchen… I ate some rice business… I sort of chewed it.  I also had a donut, but not from my own kitchen.

I am wearing … khaki crops and a black sleeveless top.

I am reading… Aggie all over again as I do the first rough edit/polish.

I am hoping… that the lethargy I have will abate soon.  My brain wants me to WORK.

I am creating… adorable clothes for my girls which you can see on my Eclectivity blog.

I am praying… for wisdom in frugality without scrimpiness in order to bless my husband in paying for the permanent dentures before the comes.  I want to manage to live abundantly while being frugal enough to accomplish this.  Christmas might make it tough.

Around the house… I can’t see the floor for the mess.  Time to call the kids in.  Yep.  Sure is.

One of my favorite things… blessing people.  Time to learn to do it “free”.

A few plans for the rest of the week… reclaim my home and routines.  Finish a few projects, edit a book, and relax a bit.

A picture to share… Me and my new choppers.  (Will post when I get in there to take a pic.  I’ve gone from looking like my mother to looking like my dad’s mother!  Hee hee.  At least it’s a little familiar!

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