Wax Job~

Tuesday I went back to the dentist’s office.  They took out a wax version of my gumline and put it in my mouth trimming here, adjusting there until they liked what they saw.

Then, to Lorna’s delight, they put blue stuff in my mouth, had me chomp down, and hold it for probably ten minutes.  It was exciting in a very ho-hum sort of way.  I guess it was to tell them how tall/short to make my teeth or something.

So far, the only problem I forsee is that the bone they cut off after an extraction is still poking through my gum.  Either that, or they didn’t get all of the tooth.  I am not sure which.  Either way, it’s frustrating and I hope not an indication of a problem that will delay my surgery.

The 21st is the day.  I’m so excited about it.  In just forty-eight hours, I’ll have new teeth.

It’s just so exciting.


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