Blog Review: The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn

Title: The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn

Author: Liz Johnson

Publisher Synopsis: Myles Parsons is just another inmate in Kenzie Thorn’s GED course until he kidnaps her, offering only a feeble explanation–that he’s actually FBI Special Agent Myles Borden. Terrified, Kenzie doesn’t want to believe his story of being undercover to protect her. Moreover, she can’t believe that someone might really want her dead.

But just when Myles thinks he has her out of harm’s way, his plans start to fall apart. He attempts to take Kenzie to a safe house—but the stubborn woman won’t go! So together they must uncover the clues that will reveal a most shocking perpetrator. All the while Myles tries to keep his distance from Kenzie … but finds himself falling in love.

Well, first of all, I have a confession to make.  When this book arrived, I read the back and groaned.  I was so frustrated, discouraged, and a million other feelings rolled into one trigger happy finger ready to hit the ‘delete’ key on my laptop.  I thought, from reading the synopsis, that my latest idea had been pre-empted by Ms. Johnson and it was hard to open that cover.  I knew it’d be good.  (Pride alone said that if I had the idea too, of course I’d consider it good whether or not it truly was!)

Well, it was good.  The story was interesting, engaging, and thankfully spun in a completely different direction and with a different goal in mind than my story.  I can still write it!  (And I have been)

Kenzie is spunky, caring, and has a love of the Lord that shines in her eyes.  I love the character, I love what she’s doing with her life, and I love the story.  This is one of those, “if I talk too much, I’ll give it away” stories, but suffice it to say, it kept me smiling, laughing, and cheering.  I loved the added mystery, the action, and the repartee.  Liz Johnson does some great repartee when she has a mind to.

Seriously, go to Amazon.  Do not go past the sleep button on your computer, do not collect a dozen other books (unless you just really want to) but get there and pre-order this book.  It’ll be shipped to you the day it’s released.  July 14, 2009.  You’ll have it in time to read it to celebrate my birthday.  Buy yourself a cupcake or a donut… stick a candle in it, blow it out, eat said cupcake, and read a book.  It’ll be like having a party all over the nation!  Come on… you know you want to read it.

P.S.  I regret to say *cough* that I cannot give away my copy.  Unfortunately, *cough* Ms. Johnson has signed it to me and therefore wouldn’t make sense sitting on your shelf.  So *cough* sorry.

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