Journal: July 6, 2009~

Outside my window… I see the wind blowing my new curtains in the breeze.

I am thinking… finding an agent to find someone to do the publishing work is a good idea…

From the learning rooms… I’m making assignment books.

I am thankful for… asthma drugs.  Night and day… I can’t tell you how thankful I am for them.

From the kitchen… I’m thinking about meatloaf…

I am wearing … tan crops and and a teal top

I am reading… Holy Roller by Julie Lyons

I am hoping… I’ll get a lot done in my bedroom and the living room today.

I am creating… curtains, Roman Shades, and duvet covers.  Pretty pillows and quilts too

I am praying… for wisdom in deciding a treatment for my teeth on Friday.

Around the house… I see happy children, evidence of God’s blessings heaped upon us, and the need to care a little better for both.

One of my favorite things… showcasing the ordinary in an extraordinary way

A few plans for the rest of the week… beautifying the living room and my bedroom… seeing the dentist on Friday

A picture to share… I love my home… I love seeing it through a “narrower eye”.


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