Promise for Breanna- Drawing Winner!!!

Ok!  And the winner is….


I’ll be zipping that across the ocean this week unless you’d rather I wait for an Argosy for you?  (Or, if my proof copy is a good one tomorrow, I could pop that in for you)

Just let me know.  I aim to please.  This is exciting.  I’m getting books outta my house and into readers’ hands!  This is the goal.

Holly, your’s will be going out this week too!


2 thoughts on “Promise for Breanna- Drawing Winner!!!

  1. Ohhh!!! I won something!!!!! I haven’t won anything since the Christmas raffle 10 years ago at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And it’s a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, and I’d love a copy of Argosy Junction, too, just send me an invoice via HK PM, please ! 🙂

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