Home Spa Treatment~

No, I’m not talking about giving myself a facial or a pedicure.  I’m not talking about trimming cuticles, sanding rough heels, or waxing eyebrows.  I’m talking about giving my home the spa treatment.  It’s time it got a little TLC.

This week’s “Wonder Week” on Hearth Keepers is Home Beautification.  I got a little excited today and kind of started early.  I can’t WAIT to finish.

For my windows…

ta da!

I got the idea from Wives and Daughters. Molly’s room has these lovely sheers that are knotted at the bottom.  I love them so I made them.  Pssst… it’s a great excuse to watch the movie because it’s a brief scene and I can’t tell you where it is!  “Sorry Honey, I know I was supposed to wash your clothes, clean the bathroom, and make dinner today, but you see, I wanted to make curtains for our room and I had to watch four hours of Wives and Daughters to find what they looked like!  (Shhh… don’t tell him you saw mine.  That kind of kills the point)

Someday (maybe this week) I’ll make the Roman Shades for this window but I’ve got paint and such to handle first.  🙂

Time to make three more for the BIG windows.  Yippee!!!

What are you going to do to beautify YOUR house this week?

Note to self:  find or buy screw plugs for shelf bracket.


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