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We’ve all done it.  We’ve given someone a gift certificate, cash, or check and said, “now you can’t use this for bills…”

Forgive me if I’ve ever done it to you.  It isn’t a gift if the strings attached strangle the recipient.  I will never again be a part of a gift that limits the recipient in how it is used.  I’m grieved to see what should be a blessing become a burden because of the expectations of others.  I know we have our dreams and goals and ideals that we want for others, but those are our dreams, our goals, our desires… it’s wrong to insist that others be like us in how they use our gifts.

Mom and Dad were so good about never attaching strings to gifts.  They made it clear:  if you give a gift, the second it’s out of your hands, it is no longer your business.   You have no say in where they display it, how they use it, or what they do with it.  They can give it away, abuse it, destroy it, sell it, or toss it in the garbage.  They can spend the cash you gave for a nice meal out on groceries, the vet bill, or orange and green pantyhose.  It’s none of your business the second it leaves your possession.

Being a gracious giver is just as important as being a gracious recipient.  So please, before you give a gift, when you snip off the price tag, cut the strings too.


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