Dream Vacation~

I was just thinking about whatever vacation I would take if I could do anything I wanted to right now in that particular department.  For a moment, my breath shortened, heart pounded, and I broke out in a cold sweat.  I hate vacations.  I know that sounds terrible, but I do.  For me, vacations mean weeks of sewing, shopping, planning, and decisions.  LOTS of decisions.  It means getting cars serviced, mail stopped, substitutes for paper routes, and someone to feed the dog.  Vacations mean living on weird meals so I can leave the fridge empty, scrubbing the house so we come home to a clean one, and making last minute trips to pay the garbage bill because without fail, it’ll come due while we’re gone.  After all of that, all I have to do is get a list of doctor names, Rx numbers, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and a sheaf of print-outs for hotel reservations.  Oh joy.  Yeah.  Now times that by 9 so I can get the kids and Kevin out the door well-stocked for the trip too.  Oh, speaking of stocking, let’s not forget snacks, breakfasts, and other things like that to shop for.  UGH.

So, the idea of a dream vacation didn’t really appeal to me.  Sure there are places I’d like to see.  I love the idea of going to India, Scotland, New England, Nova Scotia, Michigan (don’t ask… it’s just always appealed to me), and a dozen other places.  I’d love to visit mom and dad, Kevin’s mom, my sister, my aunts and uncles in Oklahoma, Noemi in Texas, the Kansas Kiersten/Kirstins, Dell… oh my the list goes on and on.  I like sleeping in nice hotel rooms and eating at restaurants.  It’s fun to eat where you can have those things you aren’t willing to make at home.

Suddenly, in the middle of my ruminitions, I realized exactly where I’d like to spend my dream vacation and the work involved in getting there made it worth it.  I’d be willing to pack the suitcases, do the shopping… the works.

Picture it:  Comfortable accomodations, excellent food, a wide variety of reading and viewing material, cultural events if you choose, driving distance to almost anything you’d want to experience, and all without half of the stress and hassle of most vacations.  One week of uninterrupted bliss… at home.  Turn off the phone, disconnect the internet, put a note on the door “On Vacation- try again next week.”

I tried figuring out what it’d cost me… just for fun you know.

  1. A maid.  Pay someone to come in every day for a week and wash clothes, clean kitchen (We’re not cooking so not much work), clean bathrooms, and make beds.   $150?
  2. New sheets for my bed.  Because I love them.  $50.00
  3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner “out” every day  $150.00 per day
  4. Gas  $10-80 dollars per day (depending on what we did)
  5. Child Care 3x-  $100.00
  6. Mini Van Rental for 1 week- $370.00

Of course, there’d be other expenses… if we went to a zoo, we’d pay the zoo.  If we went to the beach, we might buy boogie boards or do souvenier shopping… but all in all, not a bad vacation and no need for expensive hotels, packing everyone up and trying to keep the van nice for a week…   Just staying home and BEING would be fun.

Then again… the ultimate dream is that we do all of that… and the kids go stay with grandma!


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