Journal: May 25, 2009

Outside my window… Moths and other flying insects attempt to force their way into my house.  Kind of like a lot of things actually… junk mail, ‘obligations’, and other things of life try to force their way in but we have to bar the door and screen the windows to prevent them from distracting us from our real purpose.

I am thinking… that my house looks like it had fifty people in it the other day.

From the learning rooms… I need to make Chapter two quiz for Quest of a Hemisphere so Nolan and Kaylene can do their work this week.

I am thankful for… a very rich and varied life and a family to share it with.

From the kitchen… we had roast, smashed potatoes, corn… and the bestest hubby ever cooked ’em for us.

I am wearing … PJ’s but I’m planning on gingham capris and a white shirt tomorrow.

I am reading… Sister Chicks in Holland for an upcoming Book Review.  I am also reading Argosy Junction looking for more errors.

I am hoping… that I get a quick appointment with the doctor.  I’m calling Tuesday asap.

I am creating… adorable things out of cherries on twill fabric… starting tomorrow.

I am praying… for Heavenly aid to finish a ballad so I can publish my book.

Around the house… I am ‘freshening’ things for summer.

One of my favorite things… friends who stick closer than a brother.

A few plans for the rest of the week… Ballad on Tuesday, hair on Wednesday…

A picture to share…

My Birthday Girl/Graduate

My Birthday Girl/Graduate


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