Ok, so I admit to being a little obsessed.  I’ve never been fond of anything from the Arthurian period and here I am, the proud owner of an entire series and stalker of Amazon and the Houghto Mifflin website.  I had begun to fear he was finished with his exciting and comical tales of the knights of King Arthur’s court but alas… look what I found!

The Squire’s Quest

Look!  Isn’t it exciting!  September 28, 2009… just *counts months on fingers* four short months!  Long months.  Excruciatingly miserable months.  But alas and alack!  It cometh!

If you haven’t read the previous eight books, you can read one every other week until the ninth book is released!  It’ll be so cool  I double dog dare ya to read them and not bust a gut a few times.  Keep sutures handy.

For more information on these marvelous books, check out this blog post


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