Journal: May 18, 2009

Outside my window… It’s dark, the night is drawing nigh… shadows of the evening…  hmmm I think this flight of fancy implies that I’ve been putting off this blog post but it really means I was busy today.  I made a blinkie for my blogs, wrote several chapters, and tried to recover from being sick.

I am thinking… that my laundry needs prompt attention.  Very prompt attention.  Super.  Dooper.  Prompt.  Attention.

From the learning rooms… Ethan is learning to multiply outside basic facts.  He hasn’t memorized those facts.  Methinks it’s time for flash cards.

I am thankful for… a husband who did honey-dos all weekend without me asking and now my house looks absolutely amazing!  Way to go Kevin!

From the kitchen… we had roast, smashed potatoes, corn… and the bestest hubby ever cooked ’em for us.

I am wearing … pajama bottoms and top.  I got ready for bed early.  Like last night early.

I am reading… advertisements for the next Squire’s Tale book and Thirty Days Hath…

I am hoping… that I wake up well tomorrow.

I am creating… cards… for the joy of it.  I am loving making cards lately!

I am praying… for a little boy who was ran over by a lawnmower.

Around the house… I’m preparing for Braelyn’s party!

One of my favorite things… The Glenn Miller Story.  I forgot how good it is!

A few plans for the rest of the week… Get well, do grocery shopping, clean for a party, and do house cleaning.

A picture to share… I’ll take one in the morning of all the work Kevin did this weekend!


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