Favorite Things:

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color-today, that’d be aqua
2. Dessert- today, that’d be berry cobbler
3. Smell- lemon clean…
4. Flower-lilacs..
5. Animal- dog
6. Month- November
7. Beverage-Orange Sunrise Smoothie from JIB… I miss them
8. Pair of shoes-the ones I don’t have to wear
9. Snack-Cheetos
10. Song-Wake Up Little Susie… until No Other Love comes on… and then after that maybe something by the Beach Boys…
11. Book-The Harvester…  I think
12. Fruit-Strawberries
13. Hairstyle-Soft and flowy…
14. Piece of clothing- the one that I don’t notice I’m wearing… but I love that green shirt…
15. Store to clothes shop-Coldwater Creek
16. Season-Spring
17. Hobby-Paper crafting… today anyway
18. Thing to collect- I really want to collect Waldorf dolls and toys…  but I don’t “do” collections.
19. Movie-Persuasion  until tomorrow anyway.
20. Restaurant-I’d like to find out if it’s The Grape Leaf or not.

I got the idea from this website


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