Mother’s Day Blog Review Winners!

Thanks to Multnomah and Waterbrook, I am pleased to announce the following winners of blog drawings this week!

Mama’s Got a Fake I.D.

The numbers were…

Winners are:

Elena (I’ll get Challice to drop it off for me when she’s done)


Carolita  (I’ve got your addy- I’ll mail it asap.)


Enduring Justice…

Those winners are…

Keer   (need your new addy!)


Holly  (need yours too!)

I’ll ship ASAP!!!

Stay tuned for my next review… The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir… it was GREAT!

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Blog Review Winners!

  1. Um, I can’t seem to find a contact email for you so I can give my address. Do I need to give you my email address, or do you have access to it since I am making a comment? Not sure how this works.

  2. Holly,

    I’ve sent you two emails to the one you used to post the comment and haven’t heard from you. Please send an email to my name at my name .com


  3. The book was delivered today, thank you and Challice! And I hope she recovers quickly from the shock of seeing me in pajamas!

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