Enduring Justice- A Book Review (and freebie!)

Enduring Justice

By: Amy Wallace

This book is the final book in the “Mother’s Day Week” of books that Waterbrook sent me to review.  I saved what I considered “dessert” for last.  I was not disappointed.  This book has everything I love in a good Christian novel.  Suspense, real people with real problems, and real solutions to those problems all wrapped up in a story that keeps me interested.

I’ve never read anything by Amy Wallace- honestly, I’ve never heard of her.  However, I do plan to get her previous two books.  I am wondering if this is a sequel or not.  It was written in such a way that a couple of times I wondered but if it IS a sequel, she gave enough previous information to keep me with the story and yet in such a way that I didn’t feel like half the book was a recap of a previous one.  We’ve all read those… every four or five pages there’s a line that is clearly a “if you were too stupid not to read the book that comes before this, here’s background info” kind of reference.  I hate that.  This author knows how to write background that a new reader and old reader alike will enjoy- essentials woven into the story naturally.  I like that.

The book isn’t an “easy read”.  The author isn’t a fluff writer (unlike me!) who tells a fun story without real hurts.  This story of the deep and terrorizing pain of abuse, hatred, and vengeance is not something you’ll read, say “that was good” and then walk away from untouched.  Mrs. Wallace makes you think, captures your attention, and won’t let you go when you close the book.  I’m still mulling some of the things she mentioned.

My only true objection to the book is the somewhat quick shift from rejecting help to embracing and running with the advice she receives.  It felt a little contrived- as though she didn’t have a way to transition.  It’s not glaring and it certainly didn’t ruin the story but it was noticable.  It truly seemed that at the end of one chapter she was holding fast to self-preservation in her familiar way and then at the beginning of the next she was rushing to help everyone achieve the strength that she suddenly had.  Honestly, I feel almost guilty mentioning it… it’s that minor but in the spirit of full disclosure…

Truthfully, I think I’ve found a new author to read.   The way she addresses justice vs. vengeance really spoke to me.  I know that often my heart likes to intertwine the two so tightly that I have a hard time seeing the difference.  That reminder was very good for me.  Homeschooling moms will love that the author is “one of us”.  As it is, the local Christian Bookstore just opened… I think it’s time for me to give them a call.

Oh, and if you’d like a chance to read it… FREE (Thanks to the generous people over at Waterbrook), drop a comment and you’ll be entered into a free drawing for a copy of Enduring Justice.   I’ll draw Sunday night around 9:00 p.m. PST.


8 thoughts on “Enduring Justice- A Book Review (and freebie!)

  1. It is a sequel. In fact, I believe it’s the third in a trilogy. 🙂

    If you get the first one, check out the acknowledgements page. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

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