Memories Are Unwrapped Treasures~

As Mother’s Day nears, I couldn’t help take a moment to “honor” memories.  I don’t care who you are, you have good ones.  Everyone has good ones.  Some have more than others, I grant you, but if you think hard enough, you should easily be able to come up with a couple of dozen good ones.  A birthday, an afternoon blowing bubbles, the day you won the talent contest at school, when grandpa said he was proud of you… whatever it is, I’ve never met anyone who if they changed their thinking, couldn’t find a few dozen, even if short, memories.

Those memories are all you have of the past.  It’s gone.  It can only be retrieved and relived in your mind.  Most of my memories are of mundane things.  A trip to the shopping mall, the feel of sand as I walked along the shore, or the lazy and comforting feel of the Santa Ana winds blowing around me on an early school morning.

About two years ago, I started writing down these memories.  Well, typing them into a blog.  I titled it, A Wonderful Life and as I say on my “About Me” page, George Bailey has nothing on me.  It has been such a rewarding experience for me.  I’ve described teachers who encouraged me, memories my father made with me, inside jokes between my mother and I… and each story has cemented in my mind, what a marvelous life I’ve truly had.  Thank you Lord.

So, I want to encourage you.  Take the time to write those memories down.  Put them in a journal, type them into a blog, create scrapbooked pages of them and bind them in a book… however you do it, get them down.  Then share them with your parents.  If your parents are no longer with you, save them for your children.  The day will come when they’ll treasure them.  If you need help making the words flow, tape them into a recorder or even your digital camera and then transcribe them.  Get a writer friend to edit it and make them a little more polished if you aren’t confident but honestly, the words coming from your own “lips” mean the most.  Perfection isn’t the point.  Completion is.  Do it.  You’ll never regret it and you’ll bless others when you do.

This is a short life we live here.  Every moment of every day is a precious gift from the Lord.  Cherish the memories of that gift and share them with others.  You’ll receive a double blessing of the life lived and the memory retained and others will know that you appreciate what the Lord has done for you.

And… just because I want to share how much fun this has been… here are a couple of pages I’ve done for my parents’ memory book.  I really need to get a move on!  (And yes, there are a few errors that need correction!)

I plan a whole book of the stories I put on my blog as a gift for them.  I’m curious-  will they remember things as I do or will they not recognize the same events?


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