Hatfields vs. McCoy’s

Or, one woman’s oversimplification of what is wrong with electing a third party president in 2012 (And trust me, I’d love to.)

The Hatfields (Democrats) and the McCoy’s (Republicans) have family in the Senate and in the House.  They’re always fighting over who is stingy, who’s a spendthrift, and what should or shouldn’t be done.

The rest of the country are pretty fed up with them so instead of voting in another Hatfield or McCoy… they decide to vote in a Jones.  This’ll fix it, right?  Jones has a plan to clean up the house and the senate.  He’s ready to sweep out the garbage and scrub down the halls.  There’s only one problem.  This isn’t a monarchy.  Or a dictatorship.  We don’t even have an Emperor.  This is a republic (not a democracy which most people forget).  The president doesn’t have much power.  He can veto.  He can suggest.  But without the support of congress, his hands are tied.

The best way to get the Hatfields and McCoys on the SAME team is to pit them against a Jones president.  Just voting in a Jones isn’t going to fix the problem.

However, if the Jones’ decided that they’d work to fill mayoral shoes, state representative shoes, gubernatorial shoes, senatorial shoes, and house shoes… (not slippers) then when they tried for White House shoes… there would be someone to help them work their agenda.

Until we have the third party we want, in city and state government as well as congressional seats, electing a third party president is a waste of another four years.


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