Life in a Small Town…

Or: How to rob a bank in Ridgecrest.

A funny thing happened on Saturday.  Our family had pictures taken.  While normally this would be humorous enough, this time, we had extraneous humor tacked on for good measure.  Our friend and her boyfriend came along to snap the full family group shot and her boyfriend was thirsty.  We’re at the college.  It’s quite simple.  Get a drink, right?  So, he opens the door (it isn’t locked so opening is quite easy I might add) and BLAM!  Alarms go off  like it is Tiffany’s at midnight.  Boyfriend runs.  I mean, who wouldn’t?

Forty-five minutes or so later, we see an officer zipping up the hill.  Every other minute or so for the next five or ten minutes another one zips up behind him.  At least four or five officers and a sheriff arrived.  Unfortunately, at that particular moment, we sent Nolan and Mike (the boyfriend) to get a pellet gun from the car for one of the picture shots.  Can you see it?  One of the officers, a friend of ours, questioned Mike.  Mike explained what happened and eventually was allowed to go.

But, I still can’t stop thinking of the perfect Ridgecrest robbery.  Go up to the college.  Set off an alarm.  Drive to the bottom of the hill.  Wait for four or five cars to zip by… then race off to do the dastardly deed.  All officers are far away looking for a crazy intruder and you are racing out of town with the loot.

Too bad stealing is a sin.

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