Performance Review~

My husband has those things at work every July.  He sits down with his boss in his boss’ office and they talk about how successful he’s been at meeting objectives and doing whatever they decided was important the last year.  Then, they rate his work, he gets ‘put in’ for bonuses and voila… another year, another review.

I don’t have performance reviews on my job and I must say, I’m glad.  There are days I’d get GOOD ones and even more that I wouldn’t.  I’ve blogged before about what would happen if I was under scruitiny similarly to an employee.  It was eye opening.   I wondered today what would happen if I knew our income depended upon my review just as Kevin’s income is dependent upon his review.  (He doesn’t get raises anymore but he does get bonuses).

Today, I don’t think I could say I would get a “meets expectations”.  I might get a satisfactory.   Maybe.  I need a “definitely”.  So I thought about the changes I’d need to make in order to improve my performance and get a better review, and you know what surprised me?   The answer wasn’t the quantity of work or the quality of the work done that needed improvement.

Attitude.  The moment I thought about this, I realized that ATTITUDE is at the heart of my weak performance.  When my heart is in it and I am eager to serve my husband and family as unto the Lord… amazingly the quality of my work goes up.  Even when I don’t feel good and don’t have the strength to do my best, it’s still a better quality.  However, when I’m seeing my job as interfering with my “life” suddenly my “chores” are given little more than a lick and a promise.

Isn’t it amazing how it always comes back to the heart?  Whether dealing with a child’s misbehavior or bad attitude, cleaning up after a sick husband (which I physically cannot do but almost wish I could!), raking the front yard, or calling to get something around the house repaired, it always boils back to the same thing.  “As she thinks in her heart, is who she really is (loosely paraphrased).


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