Not All Tacos Are Created Equal…

I met her in the sixth grade.  I don’t know how long it took us to become the crazy duo but we did.  Then, on her birthday, she invited me and another friend to her house for her birthday.  Her mother made tacos.

Tacos.  Let’s just say you’ve never had tacos that tasted quite like this or quite so good.  They were delicious.  No, that’s an insulting understatement.  They were the most incredibly marvelous things I’d ever eaten and my mom is an amazing cook… takes a lot to get me to even hint that anyone can beat mom at anything.  These tacos did it.  I craved those tacos.  I dream of those tacos.  There is nothing on this earth that is even remotely as impressive as those tacos.

I spent a lot of time there… and we ate tacos.  The church had a dinner… and we had tacos.  I went to her wedding… and we had tacos.  She had a birthday party for her eldest child… and we had tacos.  Oh those yummy tacos.

Then she started making them for a private school.  I convinced her to come to a craft fair we have here every year.  She came.  She served frijoles, arroz, and yep… tacos. (Ok, she also sold nachos, apples with caramel over them, churros, and fruit smoothies.)  The town went wild.  She was the hit of Ridgecrest.

She moved.  I haven’t had her tacos in ages.  And then… she decided to share them with the world.  So, without further ado, I give you the best tacos on the planet that you can now make in your own home (it’ll be an awfully close second to the original!!!)



2 thoughts on “Not All Tacos Are Created Equal…

  1. You go to the website (links are up there) you buy her spice packet, add water, tomato sauce, and ground beef to it, simmer until cooked, and voila!

    Nummy. As I said, not quite as good as fresh from Noemi’s wonderful pots but a very close second. My kids were in heaven last night!

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