Our God is Marching On…

Today I watched the Inaugural Ceremonies.

Today I cried.  I’m sure others cried when Reagan was inaugurated back in 1981 so I’m not the first to be caught up in my own disappointment and grief at where I see my country heading.

I’ve heard things that make me cringe, things that make me sad, and things that make me livid.  I am tired.  I am very tired.

So, I did what I’ve been saying I would do.  I humbled myself, I prayed, I’m seeking His face and turning from MY wicked ways.  I took a shower and sang at the top of my lungs, God Bless the USA followed by Statue of Liberty by Neil Enloe.

I took a  deep breath, squared my shoulders, and tried to sing  Battle Hymn of the Republic.  I couldn’t do it… I got to “trampling out the vintage” and broke down completely.

But you know, our God is marching on.  He is Marching on.  HE.  Is.  Marching.  ON.

I am so thankful that God is bigger than the limits of my comfort zone.

I am still struggling.  I am still hurting.  But God is still on the throne and I have to rest in the knowledge that for whatever reason, this is His will.

God Bless America.  God Bless President Obama.  God Bless us one and all.


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