On the Twenty-Sixth of December…

Nolan’s present finally arrived.  The box was damaged, the box inside was damaged.  I was concerned but thankfully it appears that everything is fine and can easily be built to proper specifications without further delay.

I was very frustrated.  I ordered on the 9th.  They didnt’ ship until the 19th.   It didn’t arrive until the 26th.

Annoyance is an understatement.  It was poor customer service all around.  “Ships within 2-3 business days.”  My eye.

Then I thought about the myriad of things that I ordered and shipped myself.  They all arrived in plenty of time, in good condition, and without hiccoughs.  I spent several days irritated every time I thought about Nolan’s present.  I spent several days allowing myself to be bothered by something out of my control.  I let someone else rob some of my joy of the season.

Why do we do that?  Why do we let simple things drive us so crazy.  It took almost no time to come up with an alternative gift, wrap it, and it was fine!  It wasn’t ideal, no.  But since when is every single aspect of life ideal?    Any other time of year, I would just move along and do something else.  At Christmas, it’s like a personal affront.  I’m pretty sure that’s not the kind of attitude Jesus would want from me as part of a celebration of His birth!

Shame on me.

And shame on companies who do not provide reasonable customer service.  (just had to say that don’tcha know.)


One thought on “On the Twenty-Sixth of December…

  1. This really speaks to me–we had a similar experience this Christas. I really had to take a lesson from Dana Robert, who was much more forgiving of the late delivery than I was.

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