On the Twenty-Fifth of December…

I sing Merry Christmas!

I love this holiday.  I spent a few years searching the scriptures, comparing them to ‘historical origins’ of this holiday and praying over how we celebrate.  I wanted to ensure that my heart wasn’t so entangled in this world and its trappings that I was trying to do what my father called, “white washing the devil’s world”.  That’s the last thing I wanted.

I can’t say every thing I do, in every aspect of our celebration has a conscious focus on the Lord.  However, I can’t say that about every time I train a child, make a meal, or send a note to a friend who needs encouragement.  When the Holy Spirit indwells your soul, everything you do is an offering to the Lord.  Whether it’s making a Hungarian Coffee Cake to bless my family because they enjoy that tradition, or it’s sending cards to touch base with people that I don’t always “hear from” during the year, it’s all about honoring the Lord in my actions.

This time of year, it’s about honoring the fact of His birth.  We’re not commanded to do it.  We’re commanded to remember and honor His death and ressurection.  However, the fact is, He couldn’t have died if He hadn’t been born.  The day was important enough to be recorded by His apostles, travelled to by “wise men”, and heralded by angels.  I’d say it’s worthy of a celebration even if we don’t know exactly when it was.  The fact that it occurs during an ancient pagan celebration time is, in my opinion, wonderful.  Let’s take back these days!

I know that on the surface, wrapping paper, mistletoe, ornaments, and candy canes seem to have little to do with the birth of God Almighty in a humble stable but because of who we are in Jesus- because we are not to be judged by one another for how we celbrate “a holy day” or NOT celebrate it… if candy canes and shiny bows make me think of Jesus more often… if they make me remember to be more patient in long lines or give me an appreciation for our blessings…

Then I say it’s a whole season of Worshipping the King of Kings!

In excelsis Deo!


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