On the Twenty-Fourth of December…

I shopped for stockings, I took a long nap, we had chili for dinner, and then……………………


Oh how fun it was to see the surprise on faces, feel the excitement in the air, see how happy children can be in giving.

See, on Christmas Eve, our children open their gifts that they give each other.  We have an exchange where they draw names and buy for one sibling (because who wants 9 presents per kid JUST from each other!).   It’s wonderful to see how eager they are to find out if their sibling liked what they chose.  It’s exciting to see them guess what is in the box etc.

I was blessed with a new pair of pajamas and a box of chocolate covered cherries which, I did NOT open immediately.  Of course, several hours later after I blew out the candle on top of the bookshelf, my hand slipped, and I spilled hot wax all over me and my new pajama top.  Time to find out how to get out candle wax  from clothing!  EEK.

I am excited to play the new game that our whole family got as well.

The children went to bed… I sat in the living room, looked at the lights, our Christmas village, and thanked the Lord for another blessed year.  We are so blessed in so many ways- I cannot count them.  Every year I marvel how the Lord cares for us, blesses us beyond measure, and teaches us about Himself in these blessings.