On the Twenty-First of December…

I rested.  I was still.  I was at peace.

For at least an hour or two while I napped anyway.    Lots of ideas, projects, plans, swirled through my  mind as I ticked off the days until Christmas  Do I make this?  How about that?  What should I do about this?

Then, I sat down and took a deep breath and wondered.  In 20 years, will I remember that I did this or didn’t do that?  Some things, yes.  I’d remember.  Others- no way.  I’d have no idea except maybe a nebulous thought that perhaps once  I didn’t or was it that I thought I might not…

So, I’m going with what is in the “we always” that I can’t stand to think of going by the wayside.  We’ll have peppermint bark and Hungarian coffee cake.  We’ll have wrapped presents with bows and ribbons.  We’ll have stockings but maybe not as exciting as usual.

We’ll take it easy and enjoy it all.


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