On the Twentieth of December…

I was in denial.

Most of a week was lost to illness.   I got a shipment email over a week after I ordered.  One gift may not make it.  I still don’t have some of the materials for one gift and I haven’t touched my part of it either.  The housework I’d planned is still sitting there undone, and the ‘to do’ list is piling high.

And I made one trip to the store.  That’s all I did, all day.  Yes, I know I’m sick and can’t do what I want/need to do.  I get that.  However, I know how to delegate… I’ve been good at it for a long time.  Why am I not delegating?  ARGH.

So, with only five days of work left, I’m sitting here trying to decide what is important and what is just ‘my thing’.  After all, if ‘my thing’ adds to our celebration and makes our holiday more joyous and is glorifying to God, then it should happen.  However, if it is going to create an attitude in me that detracts from what this holiday is all about… well… I’d say that’s a good reason to skip it, wouldn’t you?