On the Sixteenth of December…

I woke up irritable.  Again.

I remembered the ‘old days’ when my friend Teresa and I would have a horrible day and go out for dinner, dessert, or some other escape.   At just about that time, the phone rang.  It was Teresa.  She asked how my day was. I told her.  She suggested an escape.  How could I say no?

So as we reminiced about ‘old times’ we laughed at our trip to Denny’s when we weren’t served.  They seated us, and twenty minutes later, we still didn’t have anyone coming to take our order.  We couldn’t get the attention of the waitress, nothing!  So, we finally got up and left.  Went to dinner elsewhere and were cornered by one of the people and her children who had made our day so horrible  in the first place!   So, as soon as we could get out of there, we raced to Denny’s sure that we could at least get dessert.

We were seated.  Again.  We waited for service.  Again.  We waited.  We waited.  By this point what had been mildly amusing was hysterical.  We laughed all the way out the door, and around town as we looked at Christmas lights and made up hillarious tales of us running away and our children chasing after us.  It was fun and we were refreshed for the next day.

Tonight we went to Denny’s again.  We had a great evening, got GREAT service, and had cake.  We talked, relaxed, and I realized that I’d wake up tomorrow feeling ready to take on the day.

Great friends add so much to life.  I am blessed.