On the Fifteenth of December…

I had a rotten, lousy, horrible day.  And that was the good part.  I went to bed irritable, woke up irritable, and no matter what innocent and adorable thing any of my children did, I found it annoying and obnoxious.

Dinner will be late because my “Delynn’s Stew” pan is missing.  I had to buy a new one.  But I couldn’t.  No car.  Finally my wonderful eldest daughter arrived and drove me to the post office AND Walmart.  (She’s got new jewels in her crown)

I came home and I chopped.  I hate chopping but I did it.  (Thanks to annoying children for helping me chop!)

But good things happened today too.   At 12:01 a.m. I opened my gift exchange gift.  I think the “spoil them rotten” bug must have hit a lot of us because it looks to me like very few of us stuck to the ‘spending limit suggestion’.   I was truly pampered within an inch of my life and I appreciate it.  However, I will say that the enclosed card was one of the most encouraging things I’ve ever gotten.  I’ve read it a dozen times already.

Then, when I went to the post office, Challice and I took turns sitting in the car while we did some of our errands.  While I waited, I noticed something.   I often comment that we live in a wonderful town and today, I saw more evidence.  Every single person who went into the post office or came out of there held a door or opened and held for them.  People held doors for slow, elderly, and package laden customers.  A mom with several small children was helped by a man with several packages.  Another man helped a woman carry her packages into the post office.

While I was waiting in line to use the kiosk, one woman couldn’t use the machine.  Several of us helped her, she offered to step to the back of the line, and of course, we all assured her that we would wait while she shipped her package.   The inside counter had a line out the door but people chatted and no one complained.   It was wonderful.

When I arrived at home, another internet friend had blessed me with a box of the world’s BEST toffee ever.  It helped.  It didn’t solve everything but it was so nice to be thought of.

So, amid the irritations of life, little blessings help.   It doesn’t remove the irritations that like to creep in, but it sure does help soften their edges.

1 thought on “On the Fifteenth of December…

  1. I think I’ll loose those jewels once hubby realizes that I forgot to take out dinner early.

    Delynn stew leftovers sound LOVELY. May I come for lunch? 😉

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