On the Thirteenth of December…

I pretended it was November.  I leisurely surfed the net looking for ideas, bought  a present or two (but did choose faster shipping) and did a little writing.

I ignored unwrapped packages, half completed Christmas lists, and the fact that our larder and fridge is bare.  I didn’t play Christmas music, didn’t watch Christmas movies.

I even ignored the bell ringer at Kmart when I went to buy new shoes for Ethan and Jenna.   I ALWAYS put something in the bucket during December.  Everytime I walk by.  It’s a tradition of sorts.  And I broke it.   Because it was November for that day.  Remember?  Well, I still feel guilty.  Next time I go, I’ll have to just put something going in and out to assuage the guilt.  Perhaps I should have been Jewish or Catholic.

Unfortunately, a Saturday with my head in the sand did nothing to help relieve the stress long-term.  The problems are still there but a day has passed so I  have less time to fix them.   It’s a little heart breaking honestly.   But, for one day this December, I put my feet up and thumbed my nose at the stress I was starting to feel.  Today I am not stressed.  today I am ready to enjoy December again.

And no, this is NOT the same as my “relaxing” day.  My relaxing day was full of Christmas cheer.  Today was full of Christmas denial.  I prefer the relaxation.  Thought you oughtta know.