On the Twelfth Day of December

I assessed the gift situation and made a plan.  Each person was evaluated and our decisions finalized.  Armed with keys, a list, and the trusty debit card (Lord please don’t let the magnetic strip die now), we braved the frigid desert afternoon and invaded every store in a five mile radius.  (Sorry, there aren’t any stores outside a five mile radius.  I worked with what I had!  Sue me.  No wait, don’t.  That debit card is a little empty this evening.)

As usual, some were easy to shop for, others hard, and the rest we decided needed the gift of our love and affection- and nothing else.  Just kidding.  This or that, good or not?  Is it a true gift or are we just buying to be buying?  (we really don’t like buying a gift just because we need a gift.  We want to GIVE a gift.)

Home with our packages we flew, wrapped them beautifully, shoved them under the tree.  Life is good.  Life is very good.

*blinks*  Eyes barely stretch open.  I glance under the tree after my nap and realize… I haven’t left yet?