On the Eleventh Day of December…

I was inducted into that age old ritual (that I wisely skipped in my youth) of FINALS WEEK and writing papers at the eleventh hour.

Why do high school and college students do this?  I do not understand the process by which it makes sense to save a six page paper that is 1/3 of your total grade until you have six hours to complete and turn it in.  I definitely understand waiting until you are finished with related classwork.  After all, who wants to rewrite what is already soaked in blood, sweat, and tears, because a new aspect of the information has been revealed to you but I get twitches everytime I see the ‘group’ starting to convene at my house.  I know this means that the clock is ticking, they have twelve hours, and many cups of coffee will be followed only by much stress and a few lost documents from thumb drives and hard drives.  Thought you oughtta know.

This semester, I’ve learned more about Macbeth than I ever cared to know.  I’ve never cared for that particular play and after discecting it within an inch of its life, I still don’t.   In related news, Kafka is apparently the inspiration for Earnest Hemmingway.  Both men are highly depressing but at least Hemmingway kept his people human.  Ugh.  You’ll be happy to know that I can show three stages of alienation in Macbeth, Kafka, and Weissel.  I’m multi-faceted thanks to multiple readings late at night, when any sane person would be sleeping.  Who said I am sane.

However, lest my sarcasm give the erroneous impression that I did not enjoy these nights, I must confess that I did.  I may not like the book choices of the professor as personally interesting, but I do love to watch the writing processes and how different each of the girls wrote their papers.  Their unique styles emerged immediately and it was a stretch for me to keep my writing style out of the picture as I critiqued their work and made suggestions.  It was fascinating.

But I still wonder… would it kill them to start work at maybe the ninth’ hour?

P.S.  There is a reason this was posted on the twelvth rather than the eleventh.  Can anyone in the class guess?

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