On the Ninth Day of December…

I addressed Christmas cards.

As I addressed cards to far away family, friends, and neighbors down the street, I remembered years that I thought it was too much work.  I wonder, how is a few addresses here and there too much work?  How hard is it to snap a picture, put it on a piece of cardstock, write a note, and address it?  How hard is it to let people you know and love know it!

I remember Christmas in Noel, Missouri.  People mailed their cards from all over the world to Noel to be stamped by the volunteer stampers.  They have a “tree stamp” that has a tree with ‘the Christmas City’ posted on it.   Noel is an interesting town in the southwest Missouri.  For eleven months of the year, it’s pronounced “No’ll” but in December, suddenly it’s “No-el”.

As cards fill my mailbox I am reminded of other Christmases in other places.  I remember gifts to people I rarely see anymore and friends I’ve never actually met!  Thanks to the internet, I have dear friends that I may never actually see in person but I’ll know in heaven.  Isn’t life beautiful?

So, even if you can’t send cards to everyone on your list or in your heart, buy a box of twelve, take a minute, send just a few out to people who will be blessed to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “On the Ninth Day of December…

  1. I’m so glad you posted this. I get overly ambitious, and since making perfect cards isn’t in my timeframe, I never seem to finish them. I also plan to send out WAY too many. This year, I’m taking your advice. I’ll start small – slapping a photo on some cardstock and sending it to a few people. If I have time for more, great. If not, it’s still better than I’ve done in years past!

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