On the Seventh Day of December…

I awoke still swinging to the marvelous performance at a local Baptist church last night.  Entitled Let Heaven and Nature Swing, this was a combination of an excellent mixed choir (people from various churches in the valley) and our beloved Big Band X-Press!   Oh it was incredible!

I remember Christmas programs for as long as I can remember.  We did them in kindergarten, in sixth grade, ninth and tenth grade.  I remember singing C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S… listening to Jana Thompson recite, His Name At the Top, the skit with little Robbie saying, “Did Jesus really come to earth?  As a baby I mean, a truly baby!  In a truly manger?  What’s a manger?”

Oh, I love programs.  Last night was well orchestrated and the result was an absolute joy to hear and watch.  The choir dressed to look the part complete with authentic hair do’s, adorable hats and gloves, and even a WWII army jacket!  Some of the choir really got into the part.  They snapped their fingers, “bopped” to the music, andin general, just enjoyed themselves.  The BBE was fantastic.  Benny Goodman- eat your heart out!

But the best part was the faces of the singers. (It’s hard to appreciate puffed cheeks of wind and brass players).  I loved watching their faces.  One woman in the front was amaing.  She was “into the groove” and then some.  I expected her to slip into some east coast swing at any moment.  The joy on most of the faces was inspiring.  These people weren’t just singing, they were truly rejoicing at the birth of Jesus all those years ago.

On the seventh day of December, I’m praising God for the birth of His Son and thanking Him for people with talent to bless my socks off.

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