On the Sixth Day of December…

Traditions abound and today it’s the annual trek to Santa’s Art Shop!  Oh we love this day.  For many years, I was a vendor.  I sold quilted stockings, table runners, wall quilts, tree skirts, ornaments, hand painted furniture, signs, aprons, children’s clothing, and tote bags.  Oh I can’t remember it all.  One of these days, I’m going to do it again.  I always sold well and enjoyed my days.

As a customer, I pay my dollar to get in, and go straight to Mesquite Hall.  It’s has all of my favorite vendors.  There is an elderly couple from Wrightwood that I absolutely adore.  Everything they make is absolutely beautiful.  Usually you hear Big Jerry playing his hammered dulcimer and there is always a booth from the Rock and Gem club where the kids can smash geodes and purchase polished rocks.  They’ll be selling See’s Candy and we’ll buy pops and truffles.

Outside amid the tinkling sounds of handmade windchimes, the sent of funnel cakes send me straight to the food booths.  It’s almost always windy so we protect the powedered sugared top with another paper plate.  Oh they’re so good!  I remember the year my friend Noemi sold tacos, burritos, spanish rice and beans, and churros!  Oh that was the best year ever!

I always buy a creeping Charlie plant from the man with the outdoor booth of houseplants.  Oh I love the scent of creeping Charlie!  Sage Hall is next.  I have friends who always have booths in there.   I always have to stop by and see what they’ve done this year!

Finally, Joshua Hall.  In here sometimes there is a woman who sells handmade jumpers.  I always loved her jumpers.  Some of my favorite ornaments came from Joshua Hall but they were lost in the “great pool flood of 2005”.   Near the door is the booth where we bought all of our children’s “penny banks” as they called them.   It’s probably time to start buying for the grandkidlets!

This year was no disappointment.  Big Gerry was there… I bought CDs for us and for Blog prizes… Willow needed a new prize for after the new year.  I bought See’s suckers and I’ll buy truffles or something when I go back.  Wanted Kevin’s opinion on that.

I saw dear friends that I haven’t seen in ages and we had fun catching up on each others’  lives.  I enjoyed seeing what friends had made, where their businesses are going, and of course, all with the sounds of Sierra Christmas playing in the background.  I love Big Gerry’s Sierra Christmas!

I’ll go back again- I like to think about things before I buy them.  There was one small stitchery  that said something about “Love grows in small houses” and I thought that fit ours well but I have to think about where I’d put it first.  Actually I think I just found the perfect spot. I’m also considering a cool stitchery I saw for a blog prize.  I’m excited.

Another year, another Santa’s Art Shop, another memory.  God is so good to us.

2 thoughts on “On the Sixth Day of December…

  1. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! I understand having to think about purchases. My sister and I joke about “going to visit” an item that we haven’t quite decided on.

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