On the Second Day of December…

I edited pictures of the grandkidlets…

We’re so blessed.  Can you just imagine?  One hundred years ago, portraits of children to capture their infancy and childhood were rare and expensive.  Out of the financial reach of most.  Even then they were highly posed and you got what you got.

Today, we take five hundred pictures, toss four hundred seventy of them and have thirty wonderful reminders of these days that fly by much faster than we ever imagined.   I wouldn’t want to live in any other century.

Don’t forget to capture moments in your life.  Not just take pictures of your children or get portraits taken, but actually capture moments of their life.  Their hands as they work, their eyes as they light up, and their amazing little bodies in action.  These days fly by.  they’re gone in a moment.  Capture the moment.

Oh drat.  I meant to suggest that you capture the moment and forgot.  Capture it.


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