On the First Day of December…

I woke up.

Pretty impressive eh?  I’m off to make a 40’s dress, iron the “tree skirt” and then put PRESENTS under the tree.  Do you have any idea how much I LOVE presents?  I love thinking about what’d bless the socks off someone.  I love choosing the perfect paper, ribbons, and wrapping it within an inch of it’s box!  I love wondering if the recipient can guess what I got.  If they’ll love it as much as I loved giving it.  I love presents!

I’ve often wondered where I got this deep need to give.  I LOVE to give.  I love even more giving anonymously.  There is nothing more marvelous than the sheer joy of letting others see how much they mean to us by putting a token of our affection in a package and wrapping it up to delay that gratification just a bit.  Have you ever noticed that this is one area where we still delay gratification?  Gift bags tried to make it easier but it’s still a delay.  We hold off the final receipt of a gift for as long as possible.  I think it’s beautiful.

Like many people who just love to give, I have a hard time receiving.  Why is that?  According to “Love Languages” theory, I should love getting gifts as much as I love giving them but really, it makes me uncomfortable.  Why is that?  I know I’m not the only one like me.  I’ve met many people who love to give and feel awkward to receive.  Why is this?

I do know that a few years I realized my FAVORITE way to receive though, is when I can open something on MY terms.  (how selfish is that?).  I really have a hard time being in the center of attention as I open it.  It’s miserable for me.  If something arrives in the mail and I get to just open it when I have a moment to really enjoy it, it’s so fun to be the recipient.    I love that feeling of “Wow, how did they know…”  but when I’m on ‘display’ and feel on the spot, it’s an entirely different situation.

Isn’t that weird?