The Plan~

We’ve all heard it.  The excitement, the fervor, the dedication to “the plan.”    Never fear… there are CDs, books, seminars, workshops, and retreats all centered around infusing “the plan” into our lives.

Sell the products, buy the motivational material, work it and share it with others.  Keep it in the foreground, don’t lose your focus, work the plan.

And… unfortunately… those who need the materials most are often those who can afford them the least but they buy them because it’s what you need to do to “work the plan.”  There are expensive seminars and glossy magazines that are there to show you the life you can have if you just ‘work the plan.’

Have you heard it?  I’m sure one word is flying through most minds right now.

Want to know what is breaking my heart?  It’s not a single word.  It’s not the “A” word that I thought of when the similarities slapped me upside the head yesterday.

I was sitting at my computer, thinking about this two word entity and it occurred to me how very similar the devotees of the “new plan” remind me of Amway and the things we learned when we were introduced to it fifteen years ago.  I started seeing the catalogs, the CDs, DVDs and retreats designed to further your *cough* plan and I got literally dizzy.  My head spun, my eyes blurred, and all I could think of was, “oh no.”

I don’t think everyone who likes the plan “works the plan” as the old Amway message encouraged, but I have seen enough that it saddens me to see a very visible segment of the church looking so similar to a company that as a less than stellar reputation for their MARKETING METHODS.

Let’s face it, most people who enter Amway find the products exceptional (Let’s face it LOC and SA8 (Bioquest) are excellent products).  I love these products.  However, I quit trying to buy and sell these products very quickly when I was pressured by the “upline” to spend more on Amway products simply because “you’re building your own business.”   Buy the CDs, DVDs, attend the seminars and “pep rallys”.  It’ll help you grow youru business.  It’s the PLAN.  Work the plan.

The same can be true of similar enterprises in Christian circles.  The products may be excellent but there should be no guilt if people find something similar elsewhere that better fits their budget.  What is more important… the “plan” or the One to whom the “plan” should be used to glorify?

Why can we see that there is more than only one way to “work this plan?”   Why must everyone become carbon copies of one another in order to have a “successful plan?”

Why must “the plan” take so much out of people if Jesus said that His “plan” was easy and light?  (Please forgive the very loose paraphrase.)

1 thought on “The Plan~

  1. Have you heard it? I’m sure one word is flying through most minds right now.

    Ummm… my brain appears to be lacking wings. I have no clue what you are talking about.

    I get your general drift, though, and we both know that there is only one real perfect Plan. My guess is that most of the other plans are various interpretations of how we sinful humans can best apply God’s Plan. Not necessarily good or evil, but humans tend to wrap themselves up in obsessive patterns and a rigid adherence to their own version of their own interpretation of the plan. At that point, the plan is twice removed from The Plan. (Am I on the right track?) In my younger years, I loved seminars and workshops and was really blessed by them, but I have never been vulnerable to brainwashing… I have always been able to pick out the useful information and let the chaff blow away. (I prefer that to “spit out the bones”, because I prefer not to put the bones into my mouth in the first place.)

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