Sweet Things Kids Do~

  • When they bring you a blanket, they spread it over you and ‘tuck you in.’
  • Keep a steady stream of Coke flowing so they you are always well hydated.
  • Chase little sisters through the house because her giggling makes you laugh.
  • Smile indulgently at the child three years younger than themselves.
  • Bring home ‘Nems’ just to hear their little sister say it.
  • Clean your room so that they can say, “Surprise!”
  • Ask if you walked uphill to school, both ways, IN THE SNOW
  • Offer to suffer with pizza for dinner so you can keep writing.
  • Make “you” toast (and of course a piece for them while they’re at it!
  • Ask you to go with them and their friends to the movies. 
  • Smile
  • Sleep

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