Which am I?  Am I obsessive?  Do I focus on one thing so relentlessly that leave other equally important things to the dogs?  I wonder.


Compulsive.  Am I compulsive?  Do I feel compelled to behave in any particular way (outside the realm of the norm of course)? 


Maybe I’m both?  I feel compelled to behave in an obsessive way?  I’m afraid that must be it.


You see, I’ve been writing again.  It tends to invade my thought processes and make it impossible for me to continue a coherent sentence regarding obsessive/compulsiveness- What would Willow do?


See?  Toldja.


So, if you wonder where I am, what I’m doing etc.  If you care that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth… (why you would is beyond me) then please know that I’m off in Fairbury telling the intimate details of Willow’s life.  I know it’s considered rude- maybe even gossipping!  But, since she’s fictional, I think I can get away with it.  For now.



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