Fifty-Six Days- Week Seven

Day 43.  (Monday) Today is fresh with no mistakes in it.  None.  You are free from error.  Don’t worry, it won’t last.  At some point something is going to go wrong.  How will you handle it?  If you have a plan for how to respond when things go awry, you are more likely to respond in a constructive manner.   If someone whines, what will you do?  If someone pitches a fit, even if it isn’t a traditional tantrum, what will you do?  If everything starts to go wrong, how will you change the course of the day?  Be prepared.  Maintain your tone, your goals, your plans, but let’s find a way to succeed before you need to.


Day 44.  (Tuesday) Time to get back to relationships.  Watch your children.  Those that get along best… why is that?   Why do they get along so well?   Why does their relationship flow?   How can you foster that with all of them?   What makes this better and worse?  How can you improve it?


Day 45.  (Wednesday)  It’s make a memory day. What will you do?  Will you have a water balloon fight?  Will you make cookies and drink milk and hear about their day?   Will you do a craft or watch a movie?  Will you read books aloud until you go hoarse?  Will you play “playground games” with them until you can’t think of anymore?   Will you take them to a retirement home and sing to the residents?   What about teaching them those songs you always mean to and never do?   Make a memory… even if it’s just getting them out of bed for an after dark pajama ride in the car for 10 minutes.


Day 46.  (Thursday)  Today, I want you to keep maintaining but do something a little different.  Think of a SECOND MOTHER to you.  Someone who has demonstrated some part of motherhood that you try to emulate.  Write her a quick note and tell her what it is and why.  If she’s deceased, send it to her family if they’d like it or put it somewhere that you can read it again later.  You probably will want to.


Day 47.  (Friday) Back in the trenches.  What areas are getting lax?  Where are you missing things?   What just doesn’t seem to flow right?   Can you keep the kids in line but not talk on the phone?   Can you parent but not parent AND  _________?  Fill in the blank.  Today you’re going to try that thing.  Whatever that thing is, try it.  Get help.  Ask for suggestions, whatever it takes to succeed, but you can’t avoid parts of life just because they are difficult.  You have to be able to do both.  So let’s do both today.


Day 48.  (Saturday)  We’re continuing yesterday.  You need to make life flow.  There is more to life than parenting even if it is such a vital part of a mother’s life.  You all must eat, you must be able to talk on the phone or write an email without the house falling apart.   Keep working on that plan.


Day 49.  (Sunday)  Today is a working “day of rest”.   You’re going to keep on with the flow of life while parenting.  Don’t ignore problems but don’t look for them either.  You’ve got enough to do without adding to the plate by searching for things to pile on it but don’t walk past something that needs attention.  Work on the flow.  Flow.  Flow.  Flow.


2 thoughts on “Fifty-Six Days- Week Seven

  1. Hi 🙂 OOOOOH I am so glad I found your blog!!!! A friend sent me a link on my blog because she knows I am the bootcamp queen!! This is great! I just printed off the first 7 weeks and am going to start this week along with school! I have done “bootcamp” in a couple different ways based on a woman’s article I found a few years back, but I am always in need of re-training as we slack off (especially during summer months!!!). One of these days I pray that I can just never have to do a rigid routine like this because it will just stick and my OWN discipline will succeed in my disciplining my 5 blessings!!! Can’t wait to print off week 8 and get started!!! Thank you so much for all of your work putting this together! In Christ’s love, Bridget

  2. I have only read weeks 1&2 so far, but I want to tell you how encouraging and refreshing and convicting this series is for me-thank you!! This is excellent. I’m going to bookmark your site & pick up a notepad to start this.

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